Burn files to Disc


Burn files to Disc tool will let you burn any kind of file to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media. It supports importing of sessions and creating of boot media.

To start the Burn files to Disc tool, click on „Burn files to Disc” under „Burner” menu in main PowerArchiver window. You will be presented with following options:

Main Options

  • „Drive” - select drive that you want to burn files to. It has to be CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner. First recordable drive is preselected.
  • „Speed” - select speed that you want to burn files in. This affect only writing of the files (and not reading of them later on the disc). Make sure to check your media supports speed that you have selected. Sometimes your drive might support faster speeds than your media, which will result in bad disc.
  • „Refresh” - refresh your drives list. You might need to do so if you have not inserted blank media before starting Burner tool.
  • „Disc label” - enter disc label for your new disc.
  • „Use last session” - automatically imports last session to the file list. Your drive will only read latest session that you have created - so unless you import last session, you will „lose” any previous data you had on the disc.
  • „Create Multi Session disc” - create multi session disc that can be written to later on. If not checked, PowerArchiver will finalize the session and you will not be able to add any data to disc later on.
  • „Erase disc before writing” - Erases rewritable media.
  • „File system:” - select file system for burned disc (very important).
  • ISO/Joliet (ANSI)” - ISO 9660 file system which is used for compatibility - use this for burning discs for non-PC use (car, home audio, home video, etc.). It has 2 GB maximum limit per file and uses ANSI code sets for saving filenames.
  • „UDF (Unicode)” - UDF 2.x is latest files system for discs. It has „unlimited” file sizes and uses Unicode for saving file names which makes it best option to use. It has very limited compatibility with anything that is not PC.

File List Options:

  • „File List” - as you can see, there are separate buttons for „Add File” and „Add Folder”. By using these buttons, you can select files and folders that will be burned. Once you select files and/or folders, they will be added to the File List and displayed. If you wish to remove an object from the list, simply select it and click on the „Remove” button or use „Remove All” to clear the complete File List.

Options: (for Advanced users only)

Burning Options

  • „Verify files after burning” - After burning process finishes, Burner will verify that all files have burned correctly.
  • „Load disc back on finish if possible” - Burner will try to re-load the disc tray after burning process has been completed.

Boot Options

  • „Create bootable disc” - creates bootable disc that can be booted from.
  • „Boot image type” - select type of the boot image.
  • „Boot image:” - select which boot image you wish to use.


  • „Burning support via:” - Select which driver to use for burning files.
  • „AutoDetect” - Automatically detects which driver to use
  • „SPTD” - Uses SPTD driver which is most advanced and requires Virtual Drive to be installed.
  • „SPTI” - Uses Microsoft latest interface for disc drives.
  • „ASPI” - Old interface, only used for compatibility reasons (if all others do not work).

Tips and Tricks

You can create mp3 discs with PowerArchiver burner. Simply add mp3 files that you want to burn and click on Burn button. Your mp3 player will automatically recognize these files. If you categorize mp3 files in folders, you will be able to find them easier on your mp3 player.