PowerArchiver Queue


PowerArchiver features innovative queue system that enables user to add multiple operations to the queue system, which are then processed one at a time. This enables users to continue using their computer while selecting multiple operations. Main benefit is that multiple compression/extraction operations would usually slow down users computer to the crawl, if done all at the same time.

How does it work?

There are two ways of using PowerArchiver Queue system:

  • „Always use Queue“ - You can enable Queue system to be used at all times by checking appropriate option in Options> Configuration> Queue window or by selecting appropriate option when right clicking on PowerArchiver Starter. PowerArchiver Queue will then be always used for adding, extracting and performing backups.
  • „Don't Queue files smaller than:“ - You can disable Queue to be used on files that are smaller than size you can set in Options> Configuration> Queue window. This option is very helpful when you want to create or extract smaller files instantly, without waiting for the previously queued operations to be processed first.
  • „Add to Queue“ - You can check/un-check this option in all of Add/Extract/Backup windows found in PowerArchiver to enable Queue system to be used in specific operations. By un-checking this option in appropriate Add/Extract/Backup windows, you can also override „Always use Queue“ setting.

Please note

PowerArchiver Queue system requires PowerArchiver Starter to be run in order to use the PowerArchiver Queue. User is notified and given option to start PowerArchiver Starter, if it is not running when user selects one of the Queue options.