Using Favorite Folders


Favorite Folders is useful tool for people that like to organize their archives. It displays all archives in your most commonly used folders, called Favorites. That way you can easily browse through all of your archives, even if they are located in different folders and drives.

How to use Favorite Folders

  • To open Favorite Folders, simply click on the Favorites icon on the toolbar or in the File menu.
  • You can sort the list of archives in Favorite Folders window by Name, Date or Folder. You can also filter the list by archive type using “Archive type” drop down.
  • If you want to find more archives (folders actually) to be added to the list, simply click on the Find Archives button.
  • If you wish to select more advanced options, just click on options button. It will show you the basic Favorite Folders options, which are very easy to understand and configure.