Encrypt Archive

PowerArchiver can quickly encrypt already created archives when they are opened in PowerArchiver. The archives are encrypted using the most secure form of encryption, AES.

How to Use:

When an archive is open in the main PowerArchiver window, go to Actions and select Encrypt Archive. You will then be presented with the Encryption window that will offer two choices for encryption:

  • Same Archive - this option will take the currently opened archive and Encrypt it without creating a new archive. The opened(same) archive will remain in the original location from where it was opened and will be Encrypted.
  • New Archive - this option will keep the original archive in the original location and create a new and encrypted archive in the location of your choice with the same files as in the archive opened in PowerArchiver. You may type in the location into the field next to the New Archive selection or click the browse button on the right side and select a location where the encrypted archive will be saved.

After you select whether to encrypt the same archive or create a new one with the same files, Same or New Archive, click OK and the encryption process will begin.