Smart AI

These are detailed instructions for setting up the SmartAI options in PowerArchiver. The SmartAI options process smart skins, touch mode, energy saving options and gestures.


PowerArchiver offers an automated SmartAI configuration that offers various options for correctly setting all relevant Windows settings and provides a notification if these settings are not set.

Smart AI Power Saving Options

  • On - Selecting On puts PowerArchiver into sleep mode and PowerArchiver reduces power consumption to save battery / power.
  • Off - Selecting Off deactivates the energy saving mode and deactivates it until changed.
  • Auto (SmartAI) - When selected, SmartAI detects that your laptop is low on battery. When the battery is low, PowerArchiver will go into sleep mode. PowerArchiver reduces power consumption to a minimum in order to save the battery.

Smart AI Touch Mode options

  • On - When you select the On option, PowerArchiver will activate the touch mode and the touch mode will always remain activated.
  • Off - When you select the Off option, the touch mode is activated in PowerArchiver and the touch mode always remains switched off.
  • Auto (SmartAI) - Selecting this option turns touch mode On when using PowerArchiver on a computer with a touchscreen display, and off when switching to a non-touchscreen display.

Smart AI Light / Dark Windows mode detection

  • Dark mode - When this option is selected, PowerArchiver always uses the Windows 10 Dark skin
  • Light skin - If you select this option, PowerArchiver always uses the Windows 10 Light skin.
  • Off - When selected, PowerArchiver always uses the skin selected in the Skins options.
  • Auto Windows 10 - When selected, PowerArchiver automatically uses dark skin when you switch to dark Windows mode. When you return to Windows Light mode, PowerArchiver also switches to the Windows 10 Light skin.


PowerArchiver has thorough support for GEstures. With many PowerArchiver actions available, you can intuitively swipe across the user interface. Gestures are fully customizable and you can set them up as you like and assign gestures as you like. The following are the options and actions that you can customize and set for using gestures in PowerArchiver.

  • Toggle gestures on / off - To use gestures in PowerArchiver, set the gesture switch to On and you can continue to customize / set your own gestures.
  • Gestures - This is a drop down menu with different gestures that can be set for different actions. Click the drop-down menu and select a gesture for which you want to set an action.
  • Action - Click the Action drop-down list to set an action to be performed by PowerArchiver for the gesture selected in the Gestures section.
  • Add Gesture - After selecting a gesture and setting an action associated with it, click Add Gesture to add the gesture to the list of active gestures in PowerArchiver above. If you accidentally add a gesture that has already been added and is already in the list of gestures, an error message is displayed. Simply remove the gesture from the list of added gestures by selecting it and clicking the Remove Gesture button.
  • Remove Gesture - To remove a gesture from the list of active gestures, click the added gesture in the list above and then click the Remove Gesture button.