Preview Window


Preview Window is an window inside of main PowerArchiver interface that lets you preview archives, images, movies, text documents and more, without opening archive or file. It works both inside archives and while browsing the hard drive. It is very useful when looking for particular picture or any kind of file.

How to turn it on?

  • Classic interface: You can turn it on by going to View> Windows> Preview window.
  • Modern interface: You can turn it on by going to Options tab and clicking on Preview window.

Preview Window Options

There are several different options for preview window. Options shown are dependent on what type of file are previewing.

All file types:

“Preview Type” - Preview window has several different viewers for different types of files that you are viewing. You can change these defaults by going to Configuration> Preview, Command line> Preview File Extensions. You can also manually change these options during the preview.

“Preview Mode” - You can set preview to operate in 3 modes:

  • Disabled - preview will not work unless you manually change Preview Type.
  • Smart - preview will follow “Preview files smaller than:” and “Preview CAB, 7zip archives smaller than:” sizes set in Configuration. It will not open files that are larger than sizes set there. You will still be able to manually change Preview Type. This setting is used so your PowerArchiver will not try to open files that take significant time to open.
  • Always - preview will always work, on any type of file.

“Enlarge” - Expands preview window, suitable for use when viewing images and documents.


PowerArchiver Preview supports WLX plug-ins created for popular utility called Total Commander. Ones that you can use with PowerArchiver, you can find on our forums. You will find instructions on how to install plug-ins there as well.