Burn image (.ISO) to Disc


Burn Image (.ISO) to Disc tool will let you create disc from ISO files. To start the Burn image (.ISO) to Disc tool, click on “Burn image (.ISO) to Disc” under “Burner” menu in main PowerArchiver window. You will be presented with following options:

Burning Options

  • “Image Filename:” - enter filename of the image - ISO file that you wish to create disc from. You can click on ”…” and you will be able to browse your computer to find ISO image.
  • “Drive:” - select drive that you want to burn files to. It has to be CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner. First recordable drive is preselected.
  • “Speed:” - select speed that you want to burn files in. This affect only writing of the files (and not reading of them later on the disc). Make sure to check your media supports speed that you have selected. Sometimes your drive might support faster speeds than your media, which will result in bad disc.
  • “Refresh” - refresh your drives list. You might need to do so if you have not inserted blank media before starting Burner tool.
  • “Full disc erase” - Erases rewritable media.
  • “Load disc back on finish if possible” - Burner will try to re-load the disc tray after burning process has been completed.

Tips and Tricks

If you need to use ISO files on your local computer, you can simply mount them via Virtual Drive and you will not have to burn the disc. That will save you some time and there will be less waste to recycle.