Compression Profiles


Compression profiles will make it easier for you to reuse your commonly used compression settings.

How does it work?

Using Compression profiles is very simple and intuitive. They can be selected from a drop down menu in every PowerArchiver Add window and once selected, they will apply their compression settings to the current Add window. Please note that PowerArchiver will show only profiles associated with the selected compression format.

How to add your own profiles

When you first install PowerArchiver, it will create a default compression profile for each format. These profiles can not be deleted and are always saved in PowerArchiver. You can add new profiles in „Options > Configuration > Compression Profiles“. Options available there are the same as the ones available in the Add window. Additionally, PowerArchiver will only show options that are applicable to selected format.

Editing profiles

There are two ways you can edit your compression profiles:

  • Configuration window - You can edit your profiles in „Options > Configuration > Compression Profiles“.
  • Add window - Every change you make to settings of selected profile in Add window will be saved as well, making it much easier to edit those settings from throughout PowerArchiver. You can even do it from the shell extensions, without ever starting the main PowerArchiver window!