PowerArchiver Starter


PowerArchiver Starter is a system tray application that enables use of Queue system in PowerArchiver, as well as provides faster way to start PowerArchiver.

How does it work?

Once started, PowerArchiver Starter resides in your system tray and starts every time your computer turns on.

Options when right clicking on PowerArchiver Starter icon:

  • “Start PowerArchiver” - When clicked, PowerArchiver will be quickly started. Double-click on PowerArchiver Starter tray icon will also start PowerArchiver.
  • “Show Queue” - Opens Queue window which shows Queue operations currently in progress
  • “Delete” - Deletes selected operation (it can not delete operation in progress).
  • “Move Up” - Moves selected operation one place above (it can not move operation in progress).
  • “Move Down” - Moves selected operation one place below (it can not move operation in progress).
  • “Close” - Closes Queue window.
  • “Use Queue always” - Enables/disables queue to be used every time you use PowerArchiver, for adding, extracting and performing backups. This is the same option as in Configuration options window. Checking/un-checking “Add to Queue” option in PowerArchiver's Add/Extract/Backup windows will override this option.
  • “Recent Files” - Shows 5 most recently used files.
  • “Recent Backups” - Shows 5 most recently used backups.

How to enable PowerArchiver Starter

When you first install PowerArchiver, you will have an option to enable PowerArchiver Starter. If you have not done so then, or have disabled it later on, you can restart it by going to your PowerArchiver installation folder and double-clicking on PASTARTER.EXE. Additionally, PowerArchiver will ask you to start PowerArchiver Starter, if you have checked “Add to Queue” option in Add/Extract/Backup windows.

How to disable PowerArchiver Starter

If you want to disable PowerArchiver from starting every time your computer starts, simply right click on PowerArchiver tray icon and select Close. PowerArchiver Starter will then ask you if you wish to close it and if you wish to disable PowerArchiver from starting when your computer starts.

Please Note:

To minimize use of resources, PowerArchiver Starter has been written in assambler-like language for minimum size (179 kB on disk, and 64 kB in installation) and resources usage (only 784 kB of private memory used).