Installing and Uninstalling PowerArchiver

Desktop Environments


To install PowerArchiver, simply run the setup file downloaded from the Internet and follow the instructions.

Uninstalling PowerArchiver

To remove PowerArchiver from your system, open the Control Panel, double click on Add/Remove Programs, and double click on the PowerArchiver entry.

Uninstalling PowerArchiver performs the following steps:

  1. Verifies that it is safe to uninstall PowerArchiver
  2. Deletes the files in the PowerArchiver folder
  3. Removes the PowerArchiver icons and Start menu entries
  4. Removes the PowerArchiver entries from the registry

Network Environments

Special instructions and MSI installations are available ONLY to our registered business users.


Please contact us directly via support website at for a special network installation setup that has an option for silent install and more instructions on installing PowerArchiver on multiple computers via network (used if you have 10+ Business license of PowerArchiver).