Choosing a PowerArchiver Skin


PowerArchiver supports skins that can completely change look and feel of PowerArchiver. Skin support is done via .PSF files, which can contain interface skin, toolbar skin, icons and even some interface settings.

How to use skins?

PowerArchiver comes with several pre-designed skins that you can access from „Select Skin“ button in the „Options“ menu, or by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting „Select Skin“ (Classic interface). You can also browse and download other skins online. To access these skins, click „Download PowerArchiver Skins…“ from the „Help“ menu or simply click here to go to the PowerArchiver Web site directly. To download a preferred skin, right click on skin name and choose „Save target as…“. When the Save dialog appears, save this file to your computer and then open it by double clicking on it. PowerArchiver will then install that skin for you and you will be able to use it from within PowerArchiver.

How to create your own skins?

For help on creating your own skins (.PSF), please visit our online skins website at . There you will be able to access latest information on how to create your own skins and how to share them with others.


You choose skin options by selecting „Skins & Toolbar“ in the „Options> Configuration“ menu. From there you can adjust current skin's toolbar and interface skin file. Skins work best when used with Classic interface, since main Modern interface toolbar will not be skinned.