Windows Associations

Microsoft has defined the word „associate“ as follows:

To identify a filename extension as belonging to a certain application, so that when you open any file with that extension, the correct application is opened automatically.

For example, Windows associates .WRI files with WordPad by default, and .TXT files with Notepad. Most Windows application installation procedures create associations. Microsoft Word creates an association for .DOC files, while PowerArchiver creates associations for files with the extension .ZIP (and other archive formats that PowerArchiver supports).

PowerArchiver, My Computer, and Windows Explorer all use associations in the same way. When you double click on a file with an association, the application associated with the file is run, and the application automatically opens the file.

PowerArchiver uses associations when you double click on a file name listed in the main PowerArchiver window and when you use the CheckOut feature. The PowerArchiver CheckOut facility establishes associations when it updates the CheckOut program group for two reasons: to display the right icon for each file, and to ensure the appropriate application is run when you double click on an icon.

You can view, add, and remove associations using the „File Types“ tab in the „Options“ dialog box in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Select „Options“ from the „View“ menu or „Folder Options“ from the „Tools“ menu (depending on your version of Windows), then click on the „File Types“ tab.