Extracting Multiple ZIP Archives


PowerArchiver contains a very useful Multi-Extract tool for extracting multiple archives at the same time. Select „Multi Extract“ from the „Tools“ menu and you will be presented with the Multi-Extract dialog box containing the following options:


  • „Add Files“, „Add Folder“ and „Remove“ buttons - you can add and remove files and folders from the File List of archives to be extracted.
  • Destination Directory options:
  • Extract To - allows you to manually enter the destination directory for extraction (if the directory does not exist, it will be created when Multi-Extract is run), or browse for a desired directory using the standard browse feature.
  • Extract to filename\subfolder - forces PowerArchiver to extract each archive into its own folder, based on file name.
  • File's Current Folder - Extracts archives into each file's current folder.
  • Options:
    • Overwrite existing files - overwrites files in the destination directory which have same file names as those in the archive, without prompting the user.
  • Do not extract pathnames - when checked, PowerArchiver will not extract any path information from the archive. By default, this option is left unchecked.
  • Open folder after extracting - opens folder, that you just extracted files into, in Windows Explorer.

After you have selected the desired options, click „Extract“ to extract all archives listed.

Please Note

You can multi-extract archives from within Windows Explorer even easier! Click here for more information.