PowerArchiver Self-Extractor is included with PowerArchiver. It creates self-extracting files from ZIP, CAB, 7-Zip archives and PAE encrypted files. It is very useful for sending files to those who do not have PowerArchiver installed.

More About Self-Extracting Files

A self-extracting file (SFX) is an executable program file (.EXE file) that includes an archive and small software code (between 50kb and 150kb) used to extract the archive. The user does not need to have PowerArchiver installed in order to run a self-extracting file, as it is run just like any other executable.

When a self-extracting file is run by the user, it displays a dialog box to allow the user to select the „Extract To“ folder by using a browse button or by typing in the destination folder name manually into the field. Users can also select several other options, including which files to extract and whether or not to overwrite existing files.

PowerArchiver self-extracting files may be distributed royalty free.

Create an SFX Archive

There are several ways in which to create SFX archives in PowerArchiver:

  • SFX Wizard - is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating SFX archives. ZIP, 7-Zip and CAB formats are supported. This wizard is recommended if you do not want to convert an existing archive to an SFX archive, but instead want to create new one.
  • Make .EXE - appears in the „Actions“ menu of PowerArchiver when any of the supported archive types are opened (ZIP, CAB, 7-Zip and PAE). You can convert any of these archives to SFX with one simple step.
  • Encrypt File (PAE) - you can create PAE encrypted SFX archives by using Encrypt tool.

Advanced Options

  • Advanced Extract Path Options - see advanced options for the extraction path (ZIP, 7-Zip and CAB SFX).
  • SFX Runtime Command Line Options - check PowerArchiver's SFX command line options (ZIP, 7-Zip and CAB SFX).