Batch Archive Creation


PowerArchiver's Batch Archive tool makes it easy to archive large amounts of files into individual archives. You can add files or folders to be batch zipped, select the compression you want and PowerArchiver will archive each file you selected into its own individual archive. Thus, if you add 10 files to the list, PowerArchiver will make 10 different archives, based on the options you choose. You can activate it from „Tools“ menu.


  • Select files and folders to be included - As you can see, there are separate buttons for „Add File“ and „Add Folder“. By using these buttons, you can select files and folders that will be batch zipped. Once you select files and/or folders, they will be added to the File List and displayed. If you wish to remove an object from the list, simply select it and click on the „Remove“ button. When you add folder to the list, all files inside that folder will be Batch Zipped. Please use Add Folders with caution - if you add your Program Files folder, you could create thousands of archives.
  • Destination Directory - select where you want your archives to be placed:
    • File's Current Folder - will place archives in the same folder as original files.
    • Custom Folder - you can select a custom folder where all the archives will be placed.
  • Destination Format - select what format you want to use for your archives.
    • Compression - select what compression you wish to use, depending on what destination format you selected.
  • Group files from same folder into same archive - all files from selected folder will be archived into single archive and named same as the folder. If multiple folders are selected, multiple archives will be created.
  • Add subfolders to separate archives - all files from subfolders of selected folders will be grouped into separate archives.

Once you have selected all desired options, click „Run“ to begin the Batch ZIP.