Backing Up Files with PowerArchiver Backup


PowerArchiver has an easy-to-use, yet powerful Auto-Backup feature called PowerArchiver Backup, that is made to satisfy most of your backup needs. It consists of PowerArchiver Backup Scripts (PBS) which tell PowerArchiver what to backup and how to do so. However, thanks to PowerArchiver's wizard-like interface, you will never have to deal with editing PBS files manually. The wizard is extremely powerful and it will let you do almost anything you need, including adding timestamps to the backup archive name, selecting a backup format, uploading a backup archive to an FTP server and much more.

Pro version required!

Backup requires that you have PowerArchiver Pro license.

Where to Start

There are several ways you can learn more about PowerArchiver Backup Scripts:

  • Detailed Information - will guide you through every option in PowerArchiver Backup. This section is recommended reading for all users that want to learn more about PowerArchiver's Backup Scripts. Although there are many options in the backup wizard, they are fairly self explanatory and easy to use, so most users should review this section.
  • Schedule Backups - find out how to schedule unattended backups using the Windows Task Scheduler.