Converting Archives

PowerArchiver contains a very useful Archive Converter tool for conversion between supported archives. You can activate the tool by clicking on “Archive Converter” under “Tools” menu. It is very easy to use; here is explanation of the options:

Select archives to be converted

As you can see, there are separate buttons for “Add File” and “Add Folder”. By using these buttons, you can select archives and folders that will be converted. Once you select archives and/or folders, they will be added to the File List and displayed. If you wish to remove an object from the list, simply select it and click on the “Remove” button. When you add a folder to the list, all archives inside that folder will be converted.

Destination Folder

Gives you options of where your converted files will be placed:

  • File's Current Folder - will place converted archives in the same directory as original archives
  • Custom Folder - you can select a custom directory where all converted files will be placed

Destination Format

Allows you to select into what format you would like to convert your archives

  • Compression Settings - you can select what compression you want, depending on which destination format you select

After you select all the options, you can proceed by clicking “OK”. PowerArchiver will then start converting files.