Using PowerArchiver CheckOut


PowerArchiver's CheckOut feature makes it very easy to run files in an archive, or extract an archive and add it to “Programs” in the system Start menu.

CheckOut essentially extracts all files from the archive into a folder you specify, creates a program group for the files in the Start menu, and opens an Explorer window to access the files. Concurrently in the background, PowerArchiver activates a dialog box asking if you want to delete checked out files. This is very useful for extracting applications that do not have an installation routine.

Using CheckOut

First, you will need to open the archive that you wish to CheckOut. Once the archive is opened in PowerArchiver, click “CheckOut” on the toolbar, or select “CheckOut…” from the “Actions” menu in the (Classic interface only).


The Checkout dialog box will appear with several different options:

Folder - you can select the destination folder by entering it manually into the “Folder” field, or by selecting it from the list. This is the location to which the files will be extracted.

CheckOut Options:

  • Group Name - here you can enter the name for the Start Menu Program Group that will be created.
  • Maximum Icons - set the maximum number of icons to be created for the Program Group.
  • Create Icons for programs and documents only - by checking this option, you ensure that only program and document icons are created for the Program Group. This is the default option.
  • Open Folder after CheckOut - Opens the folder that you checked out the archive to in Windows Explorer.

Once you have finished selecting options, proceed by clicking “OK”.