Using Write Multi-Volume Tool


PowerArchiver has a very useful tool for splitting ZIP files into multiple volumes. It works great when you want to send a ZIP file in several smaller pieces via e-mail or removable disks (floppy, CD-R, etc.). You can activate it from “Tools” menu.


  • Single archive to span - select the archive that you want to split into multiple volumes.
  • Directory and spanned archive name - select the name and destination of the multi-volume archive that will be created.
  • Size - select desired size of the volumes in the archive. You can also type in a specific size yourself (in kB).
  • Format target disk before spanning - if checked, removable drive will be formatted before PowerArchiver writes a volume to it.
  • Mode:
  • PkZip 4.5 - makes PkZip 4.5 compatible archives, readable by newer versions of all popular compression utilities. Naming scheme:,,, etc.
  • PkZip/PA 7.0 - makes archives that are compatible with both PkZip and PowerArchiver 7.xx. Naming scheme:, test.z01, test.z02, etc.
  • PowerArchiver (older versions) Compatible - creates archives that are compatible with PowerArchiver 6.xx or earlier. Last file needs to be opened in order for PowerArchiver to recognize the spanned archive. This mode is only recommended for use when you need to send files to people using PowerArchiver 6.xx or lower. Naming scheme:,, etc.

Please Note

Both Write and Merge multi-volume ZIP tools support zip archives up to 2 GB in size, unlike the rest of PowerArchiver which supports unlimited ZIP archives.