Runtime Command Line Options

PowerArchiver's ZIP and CAB SFX archives can be controlled from the command line. This allows them to be run in batch installs, making it easier for network administrators and power users.

Summary of the command line options

  • ? - Shows help for the command-line options
  • a - Automatically extract the contents of the file without prompting
  • x - Don't run the command-line after extraction
  • s - Silent Operation. There will be no prompting (except for passwords) and all target files will be overwritten.
  • q - Confirm overwriting existing files
  • o - Always overwrite existing files
  • n - Never overwrite existing files
  • d dir - Extract to directory dir
  • # - Pass any reminding command-line options on to the post-extraction command-line

Proceed options with either a forward-slash (/) or a dash (-) e.g. /a or -a.

More Information

You can find out more information about SFX archives in the SFX overview section.