Keyboard Shortcuts


PowerArchiver has several methods of activating various options and tools. Almost every option available in PowerArchiver can be accessed directly from the PowerArchiver menu. In addition to the PowerArchiver menu, there are three other methods to select the most frequently used options.

Access Keys

The following PowerArchiver commands can also be accessed using the indicated keyboard combinations.

Shortcut Action
F1 Activate the help system
Ctrl + Home Show registration box
Ctrl+NCreate a new archive
Ctrl+OOpen an existing archive
Ctrl+LClose an archive
F7Move an archive
F8Copy an archive
Ctrl+Q Mail an archive
Ctrl+A Add files to an archive
Del Delete files from an archive
Ctrl+H Extract files from an archive
Ctrl+Z View files in an archive
Ctrl+P Print a listing of files in an archive
Ctrl+A Select all items in the list box
Ctrl+U Deselect all items in the list box
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Ctrl+F Activate Find Tool
F3 Find Next
Ctrl+D Activate UU/XX/MIME/yENC tool
Ctrl+K Activate the CheckOut feature
Ctrl+C Activate Archive Converter tool
Ctrl+E Activate Encrypt Tool
Ctrl+R Activate Repair tool
Ctrl+X Activate SFX Wizard
Ctrl+P Activate PA Backup Tool
Ctrl+W Activate Write Multi-Volume Tool
Ctrl+J Activate Merge Multi-Volume Tool
Ctrl+B Activate Batch Zip tool
CTRL+M Activate Multi Extract tool
Direction key(s) Select multiple items in a list box
Shift+direction keys Move the cursor and/or scroll a list
EnterSame as double clicking in the main window
Alt+F4Exit PowerArchiver

Context Menus

Some PowerArchiver commands can also be accessed by clicking the right mouse button and selecting them from the pop-up menu. There are three pop-up menus. One is displayed when a file or files are selected. Another is displayed when no file is selected. The third menu is displayed when you right click on the toolbar.

In the first pop-up menu, you can perform operations on selected files, including Open, Open With…, Add, Delete, Extract, View, Select All, Invert Selection, File Properties, and other archive operations including Virus Scan, CheckOut, and Test.

In the second pop-up menu, you can select a sort order or view an archive's properties.

In the third pop-up menu, you can set toolbar options, such as displaying text on the buttons, choosing to display or to not display tool tips, choosing alignment of the toolbar, and selecting which buttons are made visible.