Opening an Existing Archive

General Information

For introductory information, please see the section entitled „Brief Tutorial - Opening Archive“.

To open an existing archive, select „Open Archive“ from the PowerArchiver toolbar. This will activate the standard Open Archive dialog box.

Next, select the archive you want to open in the Open dialog box. Use the „Look in:“ combo box to select the appropriate folder and click on the archive in the list below.

Press the OK button when you have made your selection.

To list self-extracting archives in the New and Open dialog boxes, select the „All archives, encoded and .exe files“ entry in the „Files of type:“ combo box.

Please Note:

When self-extracting archives are listed in the Open dialog box, all EXE files in the selected folder will be listed, even if they are not actually self-extracting archives. PowerArchiver is not able to determine if an EXE file is a self-extracting archive until it has been opened.