ZIP 주석


You can create, edit and view comments in ZIP files using PowerArchiver. Once archive is open, to activate the Comment dialog box (ZIP archives only) you can right click on any file or folder and select “Archive Comment…” or use the “Archive Comment…”” entry in the “Actions” menu (Classic interface).

A comment is optional text that gets embedded into a ZIP archive. It can be viewed, created, edited, or cleared using the Comment dialog box. Simply type in your text, paste it from clipboard, or insert it from file.


  • Close - use it to save any comment or changes you have made and close this dialog.
  • Clear - deletes the current comment.
  • Insert from file - allows you to insert text from another file into comment field.
  • Font - you can specify a new display font. This does not affect the archive, but it is saved as your preference when viewing comments within PowerArchiver.
  • Show Comments when opening Zip files - displays comment automatically when Zip archive that has comment is opened.

Furthermore, by checking “Dock comments when opening ZIP files” in “Options> Configuration> Miscellaneous”, comments will appear in a “docked bar” at the bottom of the PowerArchiver. This is useful when working with many ZIP files with comments.