Main Window

If you haven't already done so, load the PowerArchiver program by clicking on the “PowerArchiver” icon located in the “PowerArchiver” program folder (Start Menu> Programs> PowerArchiver). You should now see the main PowerArchiver window.

Video Tutorial

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Interface Basics

The main PowerArchiver window shows three basic items:

  • Menu - lets you navigate PowerArchiver's features.
  • Toolbar - allows you to quickly access the power of PowerArchiver's most commonly used features.
  • File Listing - displays information about each file that is contained within the opened archive. The file listing can be displayed in any order, with multiple sorting options. To change the column order, simply drag the column header to a new position. To change a sort order, click on any column.

Please Note:

This tutorial approaches the topic using the main PowerArchiver window as its base of operations. Classic interface is used to explain basic usage - if you are using Modern interface, you can change it to Classic interface by going to the Options tab and clicking on the Interface icon.