Password Manager


PowerArchiver has a great feature called Password Manager. Much like your Web browser's password manager, it remembers the passwords of all secure documents (encrypted ZIP, 7-Zip and PAE files) that you want it to remember. It is designed to make use of secure files much easier for PowerArchiver users. Of course, you can turn the feature off partially or completely if you are worried about security.

How Secure is the Password Manager?

Internally, your passwords are saved by using 256-bit AES encryption, which means that they are very secure. It is possible to crack the encryption, however it is highly unlikely. If you are working in a highly unsecure environment, then you should probably turn this feature off. Go to “Options> Configuration> Password Manager” to configure your options. Please remember that easiest way to steal your data would be directly from your computer, rather than remotely accessing. Make sure that if you have data that you need kept secure, you limit access to your computer only to users that you trust.

How Smart is the Password Manager?

The PowerArchiver Password Manager is very smart. Once you save the password for an encrypted file (ZIP, 7-Zip or PAE), you will be able to to view, open, extract and even use tools such as multi-extract and archive converter without having to enter the password ever again.