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 +====== Virus Scan ======
 +PowerArchiver can be configured to use your preferred  anti-virus program when scanning archives for viruses. You must first configure support for your anti-virus program by navigating to "Options > Configuration > Program Locations". Once complete, you can use the "Virus Scan..." entry in the "Actions" menu to scan archives for viruses.
 +The Virus Scan operation performs the following actions:
 +  - Creates a temporary folder
 +  - Extracts all files in the current archive to the temporary folder
 +  - Runs the virus scanner against files in the temporary folder
 +  - Deletes all files in the temporary folder and removes the temporary folder
 +===== Please Note: =====
 +We recommend checking out your antivirus help file for more help on what is proper command line usage for your antivirus application.