Register PowerArchiver

If you have purchased a license for PowerArchiver, you must enter the code you received to register the software and remove the registration notice. You can do so in several ways:

Start Registration

  • If PowerArchiver displays a registration notice when opened, click the “Enter Registration Code…” button from that screen.
  • Select “Enter Registration Code…” from the “Help” menu.
  • Click the “Register” button on the toolbar.

Enter Registration info

  • When the “Register PowerArchiver” dialog appears, enter your name and registration code exactly as they appear in the instructions you received - both are case sensitive. Once entered, click “OK” to register PowerArchiver. Please note that PowerArchiver will always accept codes and that code checks happens once you actually start PowerArchiver again - if codes are not accepted, nag screen will appear again. If codes are accepted, nag screen will be removed and PowerArchiver will remove all unregistered notices.


  • Make sure you are using same codes as the version that is installed. If you have PowerArchiver 2012 installed, make sure that your email with codes specified that these are PowerArchiver 2012 codes.
  • Run As Admin - try running PowerArchiver as administrator by right clicking on PowerArchiver icon and selecting Run As Admin. This is applicable to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Then enter your registration codes.

Video Tutorial

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Upgrading from older PowerArchiver versions

If you have free upgrade to PowerArchiver 2012, you will still need PowerArchiver 2012 codes to register PowerArchiver 2012. If you have codes for version earlier than 2012, then please look below on how to login to your account to get latest codes.

Your Account - Recover your codes, get both free and paying upgrades

If you already own PowerArchiver, you can check status of your account and get registration codes by clicking here:

Upgrade Policy

PowerArchiver 2012 is an free upgrade to ALL Personal license customers, and for PowerArchiver 2010 and PowerArchiver 2011 Business license customers. You need to go and visit your account via link above to receive latest PowerArchiver 2012 registration codes.

Purchase PowerArchiver

If you do not have purchased PowerArchiver yet, or want to purchase another license, please visit our web shop for immediate delivery: