PowerArchiver TEAM MEMBERS:

Ivan Petrovic - Head Engineer, ConeXware, Inc.

Eugene Shelwien - Head Compression Engineer, ConeXware, Inc.

Drazen Dodig - Director of Operations, ConeXware, Inc.

Nathan Mook - CEO, ConeXware, Inc.

Mili Sefic - Head Support Specialist, ConeXware, Inc.

Branka Bulic - Deutsche Support Specialist, ConeXware, Inc.

PowerArchiver Alpha Testing TEAM:

Guido Robben

Terry Burns

Serhiy Horobers

Sir Richard Waring

Mike Pesce

Brad Myers

PowerArchiver incorporates 7-Zip compression and uncompression DLL by Igor Pavlov. 7-Zip is an open source format distributed under the LGPL. More information about 7-Zip format can be found at:

For compression and decompression of BZIP2 compressed files (.bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2) PowerArchiver makes use of LIBBZ2.DLL. The BZIP2 project is completely free and available to everyone. More information can be found at

The 2007 Microsoft Office User Interface is subject to protection under U.S. and international property laws and is used by ConeXware, Inc. under license from Microsoft.

We wish to give thanks to everyone who helped us create PowerArchiver, and send a special thanks to the following people:

David Cornish — who improved explorer shell extensions, added SFX CAB support, created the original toolbar skin, offered many suggestions, found many bugs, and provided many solutions to problems.

Juri Skuratovski — who helped us with 7-Zip implementation in PowerArchiver 2004/2006.

Official Translators for PowerArchiver

German version: ConeXware Europe French version: Philipe Mallet Italian version: Nicola Maglioli Polish version: KrzyWish Slovak version: Vladimir Jasan - Sunny Czech version: JIMAZ (reseller) Ukrainian version: NTFS Russian version: Dmitry Tretyakov Dutch version: Arno Verhoven Croatian version: ConeXware Europe Finnish version: Mika Kähkönen Japanese version: K.K. Paradox (reseller) Brazilian-Portuguese version: Paulo Neto Simplified and Traditonal Chinese versions: AHA-Soft (reseller) Spanish version: M.A.G. Hebrew version: Israel

We also wish to thank people who helped us in older versions of PowerArchiver

PCDParker, Alexandros CICOVIC, Tihomir Benko, Jürgen Haeglsperger, Fernando Jorge Chris Vleghert, Eric W. Engler, Vilis Eglitis, Will Ryan, Lagemann Christoph, Marco D'Amato. We also send our thanks to countless others who we are thankful for their support and help - especially our alpha testers (TBGBe, Guido, klumy, NTFS, deipotent, By-Tor, amh209, Sir Richard, Welhaux and many more), who deal with pesky bugs on daily basis.