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sk:help:main:drag_and_drop_interface:extract_files_from_an_archive [2016/04/19 07:06] (aktuálne)
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 +====== Using Drag and Drop to Extract ======
 +One of the many ways to extract files from an archive is by using the drag and drop interface:
 +  - Open an archive using PowerArchiver.
 +  - Click on a file in the archive through the main PowerArchiver window and, while holding down the left mouse button, drag the file to the Windows Explorer, Desktop, or a printer.
 +  - Release left mouse button to extract the file from the archive. 
 +===== Please Note =====
 +If you drop files on another application or on a shortcut, the files are extracted to the Temp folder before the files are passed to the application, and will be removed from the Temp folder when the archive is closed.