Selecting Files in an Archive

Basic Edit Menu Options

You can use the „Select All“ entry in File List toolbar, under Main tab („Edit“ menu in the Classic interface) to select all the files listed in the main PowerArchiver window. „Deselect All“ deselects all the files and „Invert Selection“ deselects the currently selected files and selects the currently unselected files.

Select Files

You can also use „Select Files“ option in File List toolbar, under Main tab („Edit“ menu in the Classic interface). It allows you to select files in the currently opened archive based on several different criteria:


  • File Name“ - lets you search based on specified name criteria. You can also use standard wildcards, example: „*.html“ would select all files with an html extension in the archive


  • All Dates“ - does not search by file date
  • Find files created or modified“ - lets you select files within specified range of dates


  • All Sizes“ - does not search by file size
  • Find file size in the range“ - lets you specify file size range you want to find

Please Note

All options are used when searching, so if you enter both a date and size criteria, PowerArchiver will search based on both.